Why I “Hate” Halloween


I’m taking a break this week from writing about Social Media and Public Relations in order seem like the biggest Debbie-Downer in the entire world, but I will admit that I have never liked (I know, ‘hate’ is a strong word) Halloween. I always have. Even when I was younger, my parents would have to basically force me to dress up and go trick or treating. Most little kids love wearing costumes and running around the neighborhood to get enough candy for a sugar coma, but it was just never something that interested me. Here are a couple reasons why I don’t like Halloween.

I don’t like dressing up in costumes. 

When I got to high school, teachers would offer extra credit for students who dressed up for Halloween and I would dress up just to get the extra points and not stick out like a sore thumb but I always hated to do it. I thought once I got to high school and would no longer trick or treat, I wouldn’t have to wear costumes anymore but I was wrong. Trick or treating just turned into Halloween parties and everyone dressed up. I don’t like dressing up because I’m not creative with my costume ideas at all and it is just usually so much work just for a costume that is going to end up in the back of my closet for who knows how long. Not to mention, Halloween costumes (both store bought and home made) can be pretty expensive and I would rather spend my money elsewhere (hello..broke college student!).

I don’t like anything scary.

Scary movies, scary decorations, creepy music, scary stories, etc. You name it, I don’t want anything to do with it. My mom used to love watching scary movies every Friday night when I was growing up and some of them scarred me for life. After watching a couple of the Saw movies, I was done for. I vowed to never watch a scary movie again. I feel like the biggest baby, but scary things dont make me the happiest camper around. Which is why I have never been a huge fan of Halloween. I know that it is all fake, but I don’t care if a creepy guy in a costume is running around chasing me, it might as well be real to me!

No thank you!
No thank you!

Maybe one day, I’ll learn to like Halloween, but as for now I will still complain while having to come up with a costume to wear while being scared by people in creepily realistic costumes. Event though I don’t love Halloween, I hope you all have a very happy one!


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