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That’s a Wrap!

I can not believe that this semester is over! I have learned so much in Social Media for Public Relations and I am so thankful for the knowledge I am taking with me.

As a millennial, I thought I knew everything there was to know about social media, and boy was I wrong! Below are a few things I have learned or liked about this course.


You might have seen my other blog posts about Hootsuite (Why Everyone Should Be Using Hootsuite and Hootsuite Certification 101) and can probably tell I love Hootsuite. Before this class, I had never even heard of Hootsuite. Thanks to Dr. Sisson, we received three free months of Hootsuite Pro and I am now certified on Hootsuite University. I am very excited to put that on my resumé! I learned so much valuable information on how to use social media affectively and I hope to use the skills I learned for a job in the future.

How to write a blog post

One of my favorite parts of this class has been the blog posts I have written every week. I learned the do’s and dont’s of writing a blog and I hope to keep up with this blog and hopefully have the chance to blog for my job in the future. I am also very excited to have a portfolio of PR related posts that I can show future employers.

Your Brand and Trendology

I loved the two books we read for this class. Your Brand: The Next Media Company  by Michael Brito was very informative and complete with plenty of graphs, charts, and pictures to keep things visual and interesting. The book focuses on social media marketing and how having a good social media strategy “enables better content, smarter marketing, and deeper customer relationships.” Trendology by Chris Kerns focused more on real time marketing and how brands have evolved to stay up to date with the trends in social media. I am very excited to have these books on my bookshelf because of the valuable information and they both look good on my shelf 🙂

Search Engine Optimization

Before taking this class, I had heard of search engine optimization but I was not completely sure what it was or how to do it. I am by no means a SEO expert now, but I have a much better idea of what it is and hope to continue to learn more about it. SEO is so intriguing to me, I had NO idea there was such a science behind it.


Learning how to make an infographic might be my favorite part of this class. I have always love infographics because I am so visual so I am very excited I know how to make one now.


I am very familiar with Twitter for personal use but I loved learning how to use Twitter for more professional use. I learned so much about Public Relations and Social Media through Twitter and the articles I came across and tweeted. I also love the built in Twitter analytics, which made writing our analytic report that we did on our Twitters very helpful!


I am taking so much useful information away from this class. I loved the friends I made and the wonderful Dr. Sisson! Thanks for a great semester! #Sisson3280 for life!



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