Snapchat Campaign Tips

For those who are not familiar, Snapchat is an application that allows users to take photos, videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a list of recipients. “Snaps” last anywhere from 1-10 seconds long and are said to disappear forever afterwards. Snapchat began, like many social media platforms, for users on a personal level but the app has been such a success that brands are jumping on the train to use Snapchat as a marketing tool. Here are a few tips for being successful on Snapchat.

Interact with fans.

Snapchat is a easy way to interact with fans, especially the millennial generation. Brands can interact with fans on a more informal basis and have fun with it. Snapchat is an easy way to show your creativity and have fun without as much pressure as a campaign on Twitter, for example.

Post relevant stories and snaps.

Don’t overload your followers with snapchats or stories. There is nothing worse (in my opinion) than a 10o second long snapchat story or my phone blowing up from snaps from one specific person or brand. Like every other social media platform, be careful not to post too much and overwhelm your followers.

Promote your Snapchat on other social media platforms.

As of right now, Snapchat does not exactly have a great way to find users unless you know the exact user name or the phone number of the person/brand. Because of this, it is important to advertise your Snapchat username on your other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Host competitions and scavenger hunts.

An easy way to get followers excited about your brand is to host scavenger hunts or competitions. Some brands I follow on Snapchat will hide coupons, promo codes, and other exciting things around the cities they are based in.

Show behind the scenes of your company.

Many people are interested to see how certain companies work behind the scenes. Show your employees, a day in the life in the office, or exclusive looks at products coming out soon. Snapchat is an easy way to humanize your brand and show your followers your brand is more than just that, a brand.


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