Hootsuite Certification 101

If you don’t know what Hootsuite is, refer back to my post Why everyone should be using Hootsuite. I was just recently certified and I am so glad that I can call myself a Hootsuite certified professional. Social media has changed from a pastime or hobby to a must-have skill. Especially in the business world, as most companies are moving to social media.

According to Hootsuite, the top five reasons that students choose Hootsuite University to become social media experts is because it’s simple, comprehensive, it give you expertise that is unparalleled, it is recognized industry-wide, and it gives you a competitive career advantage. Plus you get a Hootsuite certified owl to show the world how awesome you are! hootsuitecert

Hootsuite University takes anywhere from 4-9 hours to complete the videos and exams. The course costs $21 per month. After you are certified, you will be listed in the Hootsuite certified professionals directory. Sounds like a good deal to me!

As a “millennial” I consider myself pretty tech-savvy and I am pretty active (or at least familiar) on most social media platforms. I was comfortable with some of the topics covered in Hootsuite University, but I learned so much than that. I have full confidence that if I get a job where I have to utilize social media, I will feel much more confident than if I never got Hootsuite certified. Plus, if you are about to enter the job market (like me) you have a new skill to add to your resume. And how legitimate does “Hootsuite Certified” sound? As social media changes, we have to change and Hootsuite does a great job of constantly keeping their users up to date with interesting and relevant blog posts that keep up with the changing times.

If you can’t already tell, I love Hootsuite and I hope to become more comfortable on the platform in hopes that I will use it in my career one day.


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