I Will What I Want: Underarmours’ Successful Campaign for Women

Under Armour has just recently started to break the women’s workout attire scene and a lot of that has the ‘I Will What I Want’ campaign to thank. Since Under Armours’ founding in 1996, the athletic wear line has mostly targeted just men, with a “shrink it and pink it” motto for their womens’ line.

Under Armour was named Ad Weeks’ 2014 Marketer of the Year because of their ‘I Will What I Want campaign.’ The campaign features powerful women with different athletic backgrounds such as model Gisele Bündchen, ballerina Misty Copeland, skiier Lindsay Vonn, tennis player Slone Stephens, and soccer player Kelly O’Hara. All of the Under Armour Women of Will are athletes who have defied labels and continue to succeed in their respective sports. They are inspiring and great faces for Under Armour women.

Under Armour won Ad Weeks’ award for 2014 Marketer of the Year because of how successful and different the campaign is. For example, the commercial featuring Gisele Bünchen has real time comments about her featured on the walls, as she continues and pushes through the criticisms, showing that she can “will what she wants.” The point of the campaign is to show women who faced criticism and overcame adversity to reach their goals.

The campaign was so popular among critics because it used a digital experience and engaged with the audience in real time, the first campaign to do so. Many people doubted Gisele Bünchen to be a face of Under Armour, but she is a hard worker and athlete. She got 43 “no’s” before she ever heard the word “yes” while pursuing her modeling career.

Not only was the campaign successful among critics, it increased sales of Under Armour Women and following the success of the ‘I Will What I Want’ campaign, Under Armour is focusing more on the womens’ line and no longer making it a second priority.

I love this campaign because Under Armour is a male-dominant brand that is trying to shift the focus to be more equal and to empower women. Under Armour not only won Ad Weeks’ marketing campaign award, but they won mine too.


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